About Us

Mission Statement:


To PROVIDE a wide range of social services, activities, education, and entertainment for the Union County Senior Activity Center and the surrounding area.

To PROMOTE good fellowship and companionship among senior citizens of the Marysville and surrounding area who may be willing to participate.

To PROMOTE and IMPROVE the quality of life for all senior citizens.

2024 Executive Board

  • Cindy Maxhimer, President
  • Bill Brunskill, Vice President
  • Karol Strapp, Secretary
  • Patricia Reisz, Treasurer

Board of Trustees

  • Bill Brunskill
  • Cindy Maxhimer
  • Michael McCoy
  • Patricia Reisz
  • Carol Sitz
  • Karol Strapp
  • Patty Turner
  • Sue McClish
  • Jan Brown
  • Holly Novak


  • Teri Mutchler – Brookdale Hospice
  • Sarah Brown-Walnut Crossing
  • Jeananne Piatt – Heritage
  • Sarah Dixon – Bluebird
  • Jennifer Zofkie – Prestige Garden

UCSAC Activity Coordinator

  • Deb Kelly

Program Coordinator

  • Deb Kelly



Annual membership dues for ages 55+ are $15.00 for a single and $20.00 for a couple.  As a member, you will receive the newsletter “Senior Express”, which showcases current information about the wide variety of free and fee-based programs available.  Membership dues are for one year, starting on January 1st of each year.  (A postcard reminder will be sent to all members who have not renewed their membership by January 31st.)

Photos Taken by Staff

During programs or activities, participants may be photographed by a staff member of Union County Senior Activity Center for publicity purposes.  These photos may appear in “Senior Express”, on the UCSAC website, or in other publications.  If you do not want to have your photo taken and/or published, please tell the photographer.  You may also contact the Activities Office at 937-644-8464.

Trip Policy

A reservation for all trips must be made in advance.  The reservation must be paid in full by the advertised cutoff date in order to be able to pay the discounted amount.  After the cutoff date, there will be a $10.00 additional fee added to your reservation.  If you find you must cancel a trip, please let the Activities Office know as soon as possible.  Please see the Refund Policy if you need to cancel your trip and remember we have to pre-pay for all trips.

All travelers MUST submit a File of Life to the Trip Coordinator upon entering the bus.  Files of Life will be kept in a locked container and returned to their owners upon arrival back in Marysville.  If you don’t have this form, stop by the Activities Office and pick one up prior to the trip.  In addition, if we are going on a gambling trip, you MUST bring a valid Driver’s License or State Photo ID with you or you will not be able to gamble.

In the event of illness or injury that cannot be resolved by basic first aid procedures, the emergency squad will be called.  Depending on the recommendation of the EMT, the traveler will be allowed to continue on the trip or be transferred to the nearest hospital by the squad.  For those who are able to continue the trip safely, either the designated driver or the emergency squad will be called when the bus approaches Marysville.  Who is called will be at the discretion of the Trip Coordinator with input from the traveler. In case of illness or injury which involves medical intervention at a hospital, UCSAC will not be responsible for the traveler’s transportation back to Marysville.  The traveler will have two options:

1) Bring the name and phone number of a person whom the traveler contacted prior to the trip to ensure the contact person will be available to transport the traveler, OR 2) use the driver designated by UCSAC.  The traveler must pay the driver for the round trip (from UCSAC to the traveler’s home and from their home back to UCSAC) using the standard mileage defined by Union County.

A lift bus will be reserved when possible for the accommodation of travelers using a wheelchair or walker.  Travelers in a wheelchair will be required to bring an aide of the same sex or a spouse/significant other to assist them during the trip.  If a spouse or significant other is used as the assistant, the traveler must have another designated traveler of the same sex to assist him/her in the restroom.  If an aide is used rather than a spouse, the traveler will pay the same amount for the aide’s trip fee as they have paid for their own fee (regardless of the aide’s membership status).  If a traveler is able to transfer safely to a seat, they may do so.

Non-Member Fee

Non-members will pay an additional $5.00 per trip.  No refunds will be given to non-members for cancellations that they initiate.  No exceptions.

Refund Policy

If a participant cancels a trip or activity, his or her seat may possibly be filled from a waiting list (if we have one).  In addition, the participant can find a replacement for their seat in order to qualify for a refund.  Because our fees are based on minimum participation numbers and are paid to the travel company in advance, refunds must be requested at least 30 days prior to the trip.  Consideration will be given to written requests for refunds in cases where there has been an injury or unforeseen problem not within your control.  If your written request is approved we will refund as much as possible for the trip after all bills are paid, minus a $10.00 processing fee.

If Union County Senior Activity Center cancels a trip, everyone who has signed up and paid will receive a full refund.

Community Partners

UCATS is a county agency dedicated to transporting county residents to medical and personal-related appointments. Call 937-642-5100 to schedule a ride or click to complete a request online.
Neighbor to Neighbor connects Union County residents to volunteers who help them age in their own homes and reduce social isolation. Click to learn more about Neighbor to Neighbor volunteer opportunities.
Union County Senior Services offers services for seniors such as personal care, homemaking, personal emergency response systems, utility and medication assistance, and grocery shopping for home-bound seniors. Click to learn more.